"We provide unique opportunities to experience Scotland’s heritage and its people."

At Inspired by Scotland, we want to make this beautiful country accessible for everyone. Whether individuals, leisure or corporate groups, we organise unique and people-oriented events.

Inspired by Scotland's aim is to promote Scotland’s Heart and Soul: what cannot be seen from abroad, what cannot be done alone.

We want to help you discover Scotland’s beauty and diversity, which you can’t experience without being immersed.

At Inspired by Scotland, we believe that true creativity requires audacity, a willingness to go the extra mile.

That’s why we always decide to take the unconventional way, offering unique perspectives and experiences of Scotland, which are constantly renewed and improved.

Exclusivity is not restricted to luxury anymore. Exclusivity lies in experiencing, meeting and sharing. 

We are Scotland’s experts & biggest fans. Designers of innovative experiences based on a participatory approach and tailored just for you.

We are promoting Scotland’s richness and hidden treasures. We create unique moments together with genuine people, people proud of their identity.