Our public events

We also wish to share our passion for Scotland with the local population, and for this reason we also create public events. We organise an annual Scottish Beer Festival, a Scottish Culture Festival, meetings with local craftsmen and triathlons, all in the most beautiful parts of Scotland.

Craft Beer Experience

Our "Craft Beer Experience" festival was our first public event. Launched in 2016, we wanted to promote the variety of Scottish brewers, their passion, hard work and creativity. We favour local independent brewers in order to allow them to promote their beers to a local audience, but also to potential buyers, thanks to the session dedicated to professionals.
We also wanted to take advantage of this event to showcase Scotland in general. So, we now offer street food stands promoting 100% local Scottish products and therefore benefitting the local economy. We also surround ourselves with artists from Edinburgh for the entertainment: music, tastings etc.
Creativity too has an important place, since during the festival we organise a contest enabling brewers to compete with each other using a particular recipe while respecting a number of specific criteria. We call this project "ReplicAle", and it is now an important part of our festival.
In addition, we offer more exclusive packages for our corporate clients: a chance to meet with the organisers before the general opening, and introductions to the different brewers and craftsmen. We also guarantee privacy for our VIP clients.

Scottish festival

Inaugurated on the occasion of the 2018 Six-Nations Tournament, the Scottish Festival brings together the best of Scotland in a prestigious venue in the centre of Edinburgh. It is a unique opportunity to meet producers of salmon, whisky, Scottish cheese and beer brewers, all in a traditional atmosphere, punctuated by initiations to Scottish dances and the sound of bagpipes. We also export this festival throughout Scotland for various private events.


We organise two triathlons annually, each one offering at least two different distances, in order to promote a true notion of sharing, family and leisure.
The first one, The Duke Triathlon, is located in the Trossachs Nature Reserve, an hour and a half from Edinburgh or Glasgow. The main objective of this event is to promote this sport. The event is made possible by the accessibility of the area and its most exceptional setting. Let yourself be guided by the bagpiper before plunging into a Scottish loch and taking part in one of Scotland's finest triathlons.
The second one, The Beltie Triathlon, is located in a less known but equally beautiful area: Dumfries, an hour's drive south of Glasgow. Aimed at more experienced triathletes, this more intimate race offers unique views of the area and an unforgettable local atmosphere.
We regularly welcome company groups during these two triathlons, to encourage team spirit, sharing and going beyond what you thought you were capable of.
We now also offer to local and international companies the creation of private sports events.

Beer & Food Pairing

We regularly organise meetings with local brewers and artisans. We favour atypical places such as a brewery or a workshop. Sharing and meeting are really essential during these events.
We are usually accompanied by two partners: often a brewer and a local producer (perhaps cheese or charcuterie). The main objective is to give the artisans the opportunity to share their passion, their knowledge, and then to create a real moment of tasting and learning.
We also offer this creation for private events or corporate groups.