Mathilde Goubet

Passionate concierge, Inspired by Scotland

Tell us what motivates you every day on your way to the agency
Meeting with the team, for one thing, but also working with people who, although different, are all driven by a common passion for Scotland. That is a pleasure every day. We always have discoveries and ideas to share, which is very stimulating. As a concierge with a passion for my work, it is obviously my pleasure to inform our guests about Scotland, and to do my utmost to make their stay as unforgettable and rich in discoveries as possible. I like to use my anticipatory skills. I project myself every day into our clients' travels and try to imagine the experience or encounter that will mark them the most.
Lastly, it is the pleasure of being in daily contact with our partners and maintaining the special relationships we have built up with them.

What is your area of expertise about Scotland?
Before settling in Scotland, I travelled the whole country as a volunteer on farms. This gave me the opportunity to discover many parts of Scotland in a privileged way and to build a network of contacts even before I settled in. This experience is a real asset in advising our individual clients on a daily basis, particularly in terms of introducing them to places and experiences off the beaten track.
The meetings I have had over the last few years also allow me to propose new service providers or partners to the team. In particular, I work with my local and independent contacts to enrich our products. It's an exciting challenge to ensure our programmes are compliant with the codes of business tourism while at the same time maintaining their authenticity.

How do you live your passion for Scotland on a daily basis?
I am passionate about Scotland for many reasons. The Scots and their great hospitality, the incredible and changing landscapes, the fascinating and little-known culture and history. When I arrived in Scotland, I worked at Edinburgh Castle for almost a year. It was a unique experience, which allowed me to learn a lot about key people and events in Scotland and to experience the daily pleasure of being in a very impressive place full of history.
It's a daily pleasure to live in this country, where you quickly feel at home. Particularly in Edinburgh, which, in addition to being a beautiful city with an incredible cultural richness, allows relatively quick access to other parts of the country, which have their own distinct character and landscape.
Lastly, I am fascinated by Scottish craftsmanship, especially its rich heritage in the textile industry. Tartan, tweed, silk - the Scots have great know-how that they have preserved and that they continue to pass on to the younger generations. It is a real pleasure to be able to go to these craftsmen and women, especially as suppliers of textiles with which I handcraft creations for my brand of accessories and jewellery, launched last year.

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